Volunteer Profile: Sydney Blair

Updated: May 11, 2021

Today on the blog we will be highlighting grant writer volunteer, Sydney Blair, to learn more about her expertise and volunteer role.

How did you get involved with FFEN?

I decided to get involved with FFEN because it was a way I could donate my skills and time to an organization that wants to improve quality and accessibility for so many.

What is your professional background and experience in and how does it relate to your volunteer role?

My professional experience has primarily been direct service in a domestic abuse shelter. As a soon-to-be graduate from a Master of Sociology program, I love to write and research. This experience paired well with what FFEN was looking for in Grant Writing and Research Volunteers as we prepare and research grants.

What has your experience with FFEN looked like?

So far at FFEN I have been able to prepare and submit one grant with a food shelf in Minneapolis. It is still too soon to know if they got approved yet, but I am hopeful that we conveyed a message that is deserving of support.

How do you think your skill sets and professional experience support hunger relief work and food shelf engagements?

As an advocate for survivors of sexual-based violence, I understand the intricate connection that food insecurity has for my population. While having work experience is not necessary to get involved at FFEN, my education in programming and nonprofits has allowed me to use my skills to end hunger.

How has volunteering with FFEN shifted your learning or understanding of your particular field or hunger relief?

Volunteering with FFEN has changed the way I approach my work. I have a better understanding of what food insecure people experience and I want to make sure people have easily accessible and self-selected food options. Food provides the basic necessity of ending hunger, but it can do so much more. Having food that you know how to use can heal and foster growth in other areas that need support. Volunteering at FFEN is how I show up to help my community grow strong.