Volunteer Profile: Sara Schumacher

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Today we will be highlighting data analysis volunteer Sara Schumacher and take a moment to learn about her expertise and volunteer role.

What is Sara's background and experience and how does it relate to her volunteer role?

Sara has a degree in statistics. She worked in Iowa as a statistician and now works for the University of Minnesota as a data architect on data storage and long-term solutions.

How did Sara get involved with FFEN? How long has she been volunteering with FFEN?

Sara found FFEN when she was looking for volunteer opportunities to become more involved in community work. She has been volunteering with FFEN since February of 2020 as a data analyst.

She started off her volunteer experience with creating Food Sourcing Analysis reports and Tableau visualizations that aggregate the reports and look at pre and post FFEN involvement.

Did Sara have any involvement with hunger relief efforts prior to FFEN? What drew her to this cause and why is it important to her?

Before volunteering with FFEN Sara volunteered at a food bank in Las Vegas. When she got into statistics and data she wanted to get involved in data for good and more hunger relief efforts. What does a typical FFEN engagement or project look like for Sara?

Sara does a couple of hours a week working on FSA reports and ad hoc projects such as work in Tableau and being a part of the FSA steering committee. Does Sara have any particular stories or moments from her work that she would like to share with readers? Something that illustrates the meaning and importance of the work or how she engage with FFEN's mission?

Sara worked on creating visualizations that compare pre and post FFEN involvement. She is interested in how the pounds of food increased and compiling data to showcase how food shelves are doing that. How has volunteering with FFEN shifted Sara's learning or understanding of her particular field or hunger relief?

Volunteering with FFEN has helped expand Sara’s skills by getting to see how data can make informed decisions as well as being on the ground level of that effort. Volunteering with FFEN has expanded her understanding of how data and statistics are used for good. She also mentioned how it helped her understand baselines which has deepened her appreciation for data.


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