Volunteer Profile: Ben Fisher

Today on the blog, we are highlighting communications volunteer Ben Fisher to learn more about his volunteer role and expertise.

How did you get involved with FFEN? How long have you been volunteering with FFEN?

I joined FFEN’s Communications Committee in the fall of 2019. I had recently started a new job, and finding a volunteer opportunity was one of my to-do’s I had for myself once the job search ended.

What is your professional background and experience in and how does it relate to your volunteer role?

My degree is in Communications, and professionally I work in Marketing as sort of a generalist on a variety of mostly digital, logistical and analytical projects. With my professional background, the volunteer role on the Communications Committee at FFEN felt like a natural fit.

What has your engagement or projects you have worked on look like with FFEN?

I’ve been really pleased with the engagement I’ve had with FFEN. My volunteer role has given me the opportunity to work on things that I’m interested in and have skills for, but don’t necessarily get the chance to do in my day job. For example, I’ve been grateful for the chance that I’ve had to help out with some grant writing, and I’ve been able to do some digital dashboards.

How has volunteering with FFEN shifted your learning or understanding of your field or hunger relief?

My volunteer role with FFEN has been my first foray into the nonprofit, so I’ve really been excited to be able to learn about not just hunger relief, but also the nonprofit world in a more general sense. From a personal standpoint, my volunteer experience with FFEN has been really helpful for me to discover more about what I really value and what I want to do with my time, and has helped me realize that I actually can make a positive difference in my community.