Jenny's Reflections on VISTA Year One

Jenny with new remote co-worker

I’ve grown so much in my first year at FFEN, both professionally and personally. I’ve gained experience and knowledge working in the nonprofit hunger relief sector where I was able to focus on volunteer management. At FFEN, I had the opportunity to run with an idea and test it, and that was invaluable to my growth this year.

I’m proud of many things I’ve done this year at FFEN. In the first quarter of the year, I worked on our 2019 Food Shelf Satisfaction Survey which bled into many of my other projects at FFEN, especially my evaluation work. I was able to use my infographic skills to share survey results and information about the hunger relief sector, which helped explain a complicated topic in a visual way. One thing that I’m especially proud of is the growth of our volunteer program. We’ve grown in terms of volunteer numbers and hours, but also in the creation and evolution of our standard volunteer management practices.

Jenny with FFEN Interns at Brian Coyle Food Shelf

I am excited to be staying at FFEN for a second VISTA year! It’s an incredible opportunity and one I look forward to for a number of reasons. One being the amazing team at FFEN. The staff and our dedicated volunteers make FFEN an incredible place to work. Everything is a team effort. Another reason is that I greatly appreciate that my team trusts in my work, judgement, and instincts. Furthermore, I’m invigorated by the flexibility and transparency of this organization.

I’m looking forward to the ability to continue my professional growth and continue to foster the relationships I’ve made, both personal and professional. My second year’s projects include creating a volunteer stewardship plan and identifying technology solutions to optimize our volunteer recruitment and engagement. I can’t wait to get started on this work!