Introducing the 2022 Volunteer Project Manager Cohort!

Updated: Feb 23

We are excited to kick off our very first Project Management Cohort this month. In addition to our three current Project Managers, we are welcoming five new Project Managers to the FFEN team! Read more about them and the skills they bring to the table!

Current Project Managers:

Carolyn Kohrs has been a FFEN Project Manager for 9 years! She also previously served on FFEN’s board of directors. Carolyn’s background in engineering, consulting, and project management provides a strong base for work alongside food shelves. Carolyn has an impressive knowledge and skill set in creating layout designs that prioritize the shopper experience and flow, while accounting for volunteer/staff needs. She is a natural relationship builder and always looks towards continuous improvement with her partners.

Sue Gillman has been a FFEN Project Manager for 7 years and is a current member of FFEN’s board of directors! Sue’s entrepreneurial background in consulting paired with her business acumen and more recent strategic food sourcing knowledge is a perfect fit for food shelves wanting support in operations, food flow, and sourcing logistics. Sue’s honest feedback and process evaluation is what drives her food shelf partners to always be looking for the next opportunity.

Dianne deJolsvay has been a FFEN Project Manager for the past 2 years! Dianne comes from an engineering and project management background with a strong sense of process evaluation and change management. Dianne’s former FFEN position as a board member and Data Analyst gives her a firm sense of what food sourcing data we have access to, and how we can best use it to inform our work with a food shelf. As Dianne has shadowed Carolyn over the past year, her layout designs have been data-informed through centering the shopper experience.

New Project Managers:

Quentin West started volunteering with FFEN in May 2021 and has been shadowing Katie and Kate on Food Shelf Engagements. Quentin currently works for Ramsey County Human Services, but spent a couple of years at Merrick and Keystone Food Shelves. He brings a strong knowledge of the hunger relief sector and operations at high-volume food shelves.

Zach DeLanoit originally expressed interest in the Space Design position, but we quickly realized his skills were in project management. He is a pharmacist at Fairview and has managed change and logistics at pharmacy locations, a mobile medical unit and vaccination clinics.

Carla Silvia has experience working as a senior project manager through her job at Adobe where she leads her own team project managers. Carla moved to the Minnesota area about 3 years ago and is interested in making personal connections through this cohort since the pandemic has hindered that ability. She has some experience volunteering at PRISM food shelf but is more interested in using her project management skills to work with food shelves on a grander scale.

Bill Clancy has recently retired from his career of 47 years at Silgan Containers, the largest manufacturer of metal food cans in the USA. During his time there he worked in Operations, Quality Control, Planning, Marketing, Sales and Business Development domestically and internationally. This experience has led him to have an incredibly inquisitive mind and ask leading questions that both get to the root of the problem and build deeper relationships with clients.

Andrea Brahms is currently a Senior Process Improvement Consultant as Cambia Health Solutions in Portland, Oregon. She moved to Minnesota during the pandemic to be closer to family while her job is entirely remote. Andrea has a very inquisitive mind with experience asking the right questions to open up an honest dialogue. She also has experience volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank packing boxes for distributions.