FFEN's New Leaves This Fall

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Hay there! You all really autumn know about FFEN's turning over a new leaf...errr, leaves! Ok, enough with the fall puns. FFEN is excited to formally introduce our Fall Communications Interns and would like to share more about each one, so please read on to get to know them better!

Name: Sarah Isse

Hometown: Hopkins, MN

Occupation: Student

Why FFEN? I choose FFEN because I am passionate about hunger relief. I experienced food insecurity first hand growing up in a low-income family. I want to use my voice and skills to aid individuals who are experiencing food insecurity.

Social causes that you are passionate about: I am passionate about women's rights in developing nations, climate change, racial and economic disparity in the United States, immigration rights and human rights.

Who do you admire the most? Michelle Obama because she is a role model and an advocate for education and poverty awareness.

Ideal Vacation: Istanbul,Turkey because I want to learn more about the history and visit historical sites like the Sofia Mosque.

Name: Kit Koniar

Hometown: Saint Paul, MN

Occupation: Cook/Food Production

Why FFEN? I’ve worked for local food co-ops and organic food producers for some time and have seen firsthand the difference that their food justice work can make in our communities and beyond.

Social causes that you are passionate about: Labor politics, worker’s rights, wage parity, racial equity in the workplace and the intersection of the arts and important social issues.

Hobbies: Songwriter and musician.

Ideal Vacation: I wouldn't know where to start! But no matter where I end up, I always love to experience local food and cooking culture.

Name: Maribel Morales

Hometown: Roswell, NM

Occupation: Student and Massage Therapist.

Why FFEN? I'm inquisitive and wanted to learn about the internal operations of nonprofits, especially one making an impact towards local socioeconomic factors, such as nutrition.

Social causes that you are passionate about: Social and racial injustice; socio-economic and racial inequalities.

Hobbies: Dancing, staying active, attending multi-cultural events, and reading.

Ideal Vacation: To travel the world for a year. Hey...it could happen.