FFEN’s New & Improved Food Sourcing Analysis Report

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Two years after FFEN initially launched the Food Sourcing Analysis (FSA) Report with a group of food shelves in Crow Wing County, we’re thrilled to roll out a new and improved report to food shelves across the state. The current FSA Report has been informed through countless conversations with local food shelves, regional food banks as well as the team of skilled Data Analysis Volunteers that share their time and expertise with FFEN.

FFEN’s FSA Report has developed into a critical dashboard for food shelves across the state on Minnesota. This tool provides a food shelf with a high-level view of food sourcing choices during a particular timeframe, allowing for data informed questions and discussion to occur between FFEN consultants and the food shelf. The data is consolidated in a way that focuses on what clients want at each visit, shifts success from just pounds distributed to the product mix provided to food shelf shoppers, and identifies key opportunities for budget cost savings and sustainability. The addition of key benchmarking metrics helps a food shelf answer the question – “how am I doing compared to my peers?” – and provides food shelf leaders with meaningful measurements for their work and clear action steps to improve their organization going forward.

As always, the FSA Report is paired with a relational approach that values the perspective of the food shelf leaders to also make meaning from the data and identify what might not be fully captured. The FSA Report is paired with an individualized consultation by a FFEN staff member or skilled volunteer and provided to a food shelf at no cost. Every gift of $250 can help expand this service to all 350 food shelves in the state of Minnesota.

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