FFEN in the Field Updates

Let’s see how our engagements with Rock County Food Shelf, Salvation Army Noble, and Front and Center have evolved since our last FFEN in the Field updates on them!


Rock County Food Shelf

A few weeks ago we highlighted the produce rack we funded for Rock County Food Shelf, but we didn’t share about the work our amazing volunteers have been collaborating with them on!

We have been partnering with Rock County Food Shelf since February on layout designs for their new building. Volunteers Carolyn and Dianne visited their old location and their new building in March to get a tour of both spaces, take measurements of the new space, and review their Food Sourcing Analysis Report.

Flash forward five months and Rock County has moved into their new building with the proposed layout design, has implemented FFEN signage, and utilizes a new double door cooler and freezer funded by FFEN.


Salvation Army Noble Worship and Community Center

We have been partnering with the Salvation Army - Noble Worship and Community Center Food Shelf for almost a year now! Not every project with FFEN occurs within six months; sometimes it’s three months, and sometimes it’s a multi-year project. But FFEN is always a resource to food shelves, whether we have an open project or not.

While we were out visiting Noble a few weeks ago regarding signage, our initial conversation was actually around creating a COVID safe shopping experience, and TEFAP (USDA commodity foods) eligibility.

FFEN supported the re-design of their space, movement of electrical switches to support new refrigeration, as well as expanding their single door into a double doorway for optimized movement in and out of the food shelf space. Fantastic FFEN volunteer, Sue, shared recommendations on produce displays and shared her expertise on food sourcing strategies to include TEFAP items (low cost, high quality food), while also renegotiating supply chain logistics to support more fresh food items.


Front and Center

Front and Center board members reached out to us in March to discuss their absorption of the Eyota Food Shelf. The Eyota Food Shelf was first started by their local girl scout troop and those troop members would be graduating high school soon, so the food shelf was in need of new leadership. Front and Center reached out as they were looking to move the food shelf to a new space and wanted FFEN to vet their new location.

Carolyn visited in May to see the potential new location and created a layout for the new space as well as a detailed equipment list. Carolyn also supported their new partnership with Channel One Regional Food Bank, and we’ll continue to be a resource to them as they navigate this new food sourcing stream.