FFEN in the Field Updates

We continue to be excited about our new food shelf signage, especially since more food shelves are using it! Before we tell you about our signage implementation visits, we want to share a little background about why we decided to offer them ...


The inspiration for our signage actually came from a food shelf, Cansayapi Food Shelf at the Lower Sioux Indian Community. When we first visited, they were operating out of a shared banquet room and had just started testing out functional and easy to read signs with their shoppers (signage pictured to the left).

Our staff loved that they could be edited using dry erase markers, allowing for flexibility for changes in what was being provided to shoppers during that visit. We loved them so much that we asked about being able to take their signage and develop it into signage that could benefit all food shelves.

Fast forward a few months and FFEN had a large flatbed card filled with boxes of signs delivered. We have now organized the signs and they are displayed in FFEN office one two large racks, making it easy for us to bring to food shelves as we make our visits.

Our Program Coordinator Jenny recently visited Salvation Army Noble with our Board Chair, Haley, and Board Member and Project Manager Volunteer, Sue, to discuss best practices for using the new signs.

That same day, Project Manager Volunteers Carolyn (Board Member, as well) and Dianne visited Lonsdale Area Food Shelf’s new space to hang signs on the shelves before they received the food being transferred over from the former food shelf space.

When we can’t make an in person visit work, we can discuss signage implementation via zoom, as we did for Front and Center in Eyota.

So where does this leave Cansayapi? We have shared our design with them and they are in the process of working on similar signage that is unique to their operation – translating into native languages and featuring pictures of indigenous food items!

We are always thankful for the opportunity to take best practice learnings from one food shelf to help others!

Interested in signs for your food shelf? Click here to schedule a meeting to discuss the signage and how FFEN can help support your implementation.