Chisholm Food Shelf Partners with FFEN

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Increasing Reach and Fresh Food Options

Revisiting a FFEN Grantee Story from 2017

The Chisholm Food Shelf in Chisholm, MN, food shelf is a great example of how, after a one year engagement with FFEN, the shelf and the community are stronger and better served. Prior, Chisholm had no commercial refrigeration, and so could not leverage their ability to do a weekly rescue fresh food distribution from Walmart in Iron Mountain. FFEN started the ball rolling with a gift of cold storage (via a grant) and then partnered with The Chisholm Food Shelf to submit a grant to Open Your Heart to supply the remaining cold storage requirements; they were awarded the grant.

FFEN then worked with The Chisholm Food Shelf Board and staff to construct a strategic plan, to include outreach to several underserved adjacent communities. FFEN built a budget and collaborated with the Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency to write and submit a grant to Hunger Solutions for a mobile food shelf unit. Chisholm was granted $65,000 to buy a truck, increase the Walmart donated food rescue, and begin mobile outreach in nearby areas. Successes like these always occur in collaboration with community organizations, the affiliated food banks, and other resources.

The Chisholm mobile food shelf in action.