Board Member Profile: Doug Kohrs

Let's take a moment to get to know Board President Doug Kohrs, his areas of expertise, and his role in founding FFEN!

Doug (center) at White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf

What was your background before FFEN? How does it relate to your role on the board?

My background is in Medical Devices. I am an engineer by training and then went into business. I have been the CEO of 5 different companies ranging in size from 1000 people to 5 people. My management roles have trained me in leadership and operations and I have always been looking for better strategies and models to improve things.

This quest for sustainability and efficiency is what led me to be one of the founders of FFEN in an effort to bring those principals to hunger relief.

Did you have any involvement with hunger relief efforts prior to FFEN? Can you talk about what drew you to this cause and why it's important to you?

Yes, for 6 years prior to the start of FFEN, I was on the Board of Directors of VEAP. VEAP is a very professionally run food shelf and social services organization that serves the communities of Bloomington, Edina, and South Minneapolis. During my time at VEAP, they constantly found the demand for their services constantly outstripping their ability to address all needs. This made me focus going forward on things that could be done across the entire state of Minnesota to strengthen all food shelves.

Do you have any particular stories or moments from your work that you would like to share with readers? Something that illustrates the meaning and importance of the work or how you engage with FFEN's mission?

I engage with FFEN's mission by leading the board of directors and interacting weekly with the Executive Director of FFEN. When visiting food shelves all over the state, I am constantly struck by how appreciative the volunteers in these locations are that someone has driven 4 hours to help them. Not help them by telling them what to do, but helping them by listening and then partnering together of what is needed to sustain their future.


Thank you Doug Kohrs for your time and your leadership!

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